(Unicorn Mountain)

Improvisation-meets-acid riffing-meets-Hendrix-meets-a little bit of disorganization. There’s still a handful of energizing moments in this CD, which features the work of a trio constituted by Josh Beyer, Owl Barns and David Bernabo, occasionally helped by Jack Wilson, Susanna Meyer and Jack Kunz. No pretense of high-class artistry here: it’s all about dissonant, repetitive chords, rattling acridness, de-structured (destructive?) shapes and free electricity discharged in heavy doses, with a couple of tracks featuring spoken word (by Wilson) and pre-recorded environmental oddities, such as amusingly jiggling children and the likes. The most attractive shards are born from the powerful combinations of groovy bass and overdriven jangle characterizing the more lysergic sections. There are times in which this natural autonomy literally causes the players to go rather astray, then miraculously the reins get somehow tightened up and the flow starts again. The parts where things slide towards the rarefied side are less interesting but – overall – this is not really one for the trash bin, at least containing stuff to be played loud when you’re not particularly willing of committing to anything.