DECISION DREAM – Steamroom Variations

(Red Toucan)

“Steamroom variations” takes its name from the East London studio where Anthony Bianco (drums) Magnus Alexanderson (guitar) and Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (double bass) recorded this ode to sensual overload. In the wake of precursors like Last Exit, Decoding Society and the whole harmolodic wave generated by Ornette Coleman, these musicians release their strength with controlled fervour, alternating transformation and stasis, looking themselves in the eye within a unique visual that discards blind fury to channel a still raging power into interesting harmonic contingencies, unpronounceable rhythmic decompositions, confluences of electric prayers. After a nervous look for transitional passages, the music becomes a whole new experience in which the single instrumental voices emerge from a static yet boiling water, as their resonant extremities point to directions which – unknown as they are – reveal many exciting discoveries.


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