DIAMONDHEAD – Dirty Realism


I’ve come to the conclusion that records born from low quality tapes are better enjoyed via speakers. In fact, the worst we can do is detecting all kinds of fault instead of capturing the essence of what’s good in the disc. Diamondhead (L. Eugene Methe, R.J. Reynolds, Derek Rogers) are a perfect model in that logic. The antithesis of virtuosity, their instruments recurrently – and dangerously – bordering on the detuned (how voluntarily, one wonders), at times they sound like the dwarf version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, often noodling hypnotically, sometimes striking gold with combinations of minimal repetitions and entrancing chords. There are no notes on the sleeve but I believe that guitars, keyboards, bass and drums are used (plus flute, by Becky Lilly). Well, listen to this disc leisurely and get a little contentment, as that uneven sense of tuning works fine within the environment and the lo-fi gusto of these guys lets us disregard the bloopers. The mishmash of clashing overtones is indeed pleasurable when the groove is right. And the pieces are short – no aggravating suites, no fourth-hand Grateful Dead. Play it in the shuffle mode too. Amusing stuff, absolutely no charade.


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