(Pax Recordings)

This nice mantric droning artifact is without question another Pax jewel. Entirely based on guitars (both prepared and straight) plus “stoned” vocals somewhere in the middle of the hypnotic trance, it has a genre-transcending quality that spells excellence after just a few minutes of spinning in my player. Like a Syd Barrett piece that had been looped and pasted, a single harmonic foundation is layered and filtered through tremolo, reverb and probably more pedal effects, to achieve a nebulous sound sending me back to a lot of distant memories, and accompanying about a hour of my afternoon with great pleasure on my behalf. If St.Chaos and Bohol are new names for yours truly, they still deserve maximum attention after hearing this disc; Diaz-Infante is by now to be considered one of the most attentive, ear-opening, brain-splitting creatives in the new music scene.