(No Man’s Land)

Another good one from the group also known as “Die Resonanz Stanonczi” after “Live at Jazzit” on this same label. Like that one, “Edelbrand” should be warmly welcomed by who’s familiar with this kind of projects, especially when they involve Amy Denio (sax, clarinet, accordion), the other members being Johannes Steiner (diatonic harmonica), Norbert Arsen (clarinet, sax, chalumeau) and Robert Kainar (percussion, drums, trombone), everybody also singing. One expects a liking by fans of Lars Hollmer, Bratko Bibic, Die Knödel and others that will remain nameless, but supposedly the picture is now clear. I’m not saying that it is a masterpiece, not at all, yet it’s for sure one of those records that can put a couple of smiles on the face at the right moment. You have by now guessed at least a bit of the orientation of this music: a garden party in the East of Europe would probably constitute a fitting description. Happiness and cheer, with a few (very few) reflective moments and a lot (a real lot) of composed metres and unpredictable rhythms. The tracks fluctuate more on less on the same level: technically advanced easiness and relaxing vibes abound, with a pair of diversions – most notably the beautiful vocal chorale of the title track and the alien cross of Christmas carol and Irish reel which “Hopeful Id” represents. Everything impeccably played and sung in an unblemished, if not unforgettable release.