Two laptops – Dieb 13 and Kahn – plus Korber on guitar and electronics; the outcome can be appreciated in this incisive recording, which carries an essential integrity in its subsonic complexion pinpointed by stinging frequencies (the overacute range is literally ear-cleaning) and dirtier noise, halfway through boiling waters and digital mud spreading all over an abandoned radio station. There is not much room for emotional meltdowns here, as we observe a substantial coldness in a chain of processes whose chemistry allows the single parts to be isolated and analyzed separately, if so desired; on the other hand, the extremely precise subdivision of the aural space brings an aura of inviolability that wraps the music like a milk-white tissue or – if you will – looks like a luminescent halo surrounding an irregularly shaped body. The artists’ acumen does the rest, at last putting us in an anaesthetized state of non-belonging.


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