The “All-Star team” is formed by Karen Stackpole (symphonic gong), Bill Noertker (double bass), Garth Klippert (accordion), Tony Cross (violin), Ben Hayes (didgeridoo), Die Elektrischen/Drew Webster (electric train). They fill almost 90 minutes worth of a double CD with instrumental mantras, dronescapes and static improvisations. The music is surprisingly beautiful and well rounded, flying around the realms inhabited by “parallel composers”: the press release suggests Organum among others, I respond with Al Margolis/If, Bwana (ever heard “Clara Nostra” or “Breathing”?) and also a bit of Lights in a Fat City. At the limit of my memory, “Dr.One” sounds like a homage to the often forgotten Third Ear Band, minus the tablas. Don’t think this music as just a derivative affair, though; I’ve already listened to it several times with great pleasure. If it borders on the “Om” side just that little, that’s not a defect; on the contrary, its esoteric touch is well accepted by this stone-hearted writer and – Mr.Hayes – you’re indeed a fine didgeridoo player. And if you just can’t live without sonic deconstruction, straight on to the final track “SOTE’s camouflage”, where the sacrality gets fractured quite a bit.


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