The “All-Stars” projects by Drew Webster’s label are the ones preferred by yours truly, and this is probably the best after earlier ones dedicated to drones and minimalism (in their own special way). The participants in this case were Jen Boyd, Leticia Castaneda, Cria Cuervos, Drew Webster, Mark Griswold, Will Mitchell, Maggi Payne, Toby Paddock, Rudy Trubitt and Aaron Ximm, all contributing with – guess what – field recordings, but also submitting original compositions (Ximm’s “Rainmaking”, based on water sounds and superimposed motor airplane glissandos, is the favourite here). The sources were…well, just everything, from the noise made by someone munching an apple (amidst grunting pigs, of all things) to the voices of the Space Shuttle’s team. And then, traffic lights, Paris buskers playing a gorgeous Bach, dogs barking at rattlesnakes, radio stations from everywhere, restaurants, children, a protest march…You get (a part of) the picture. The basic materials were partially re-edited by Die Elektrischen (Webster himself), but more often than not they possess unique features that make them acceptable as they are. The recording quality is excellent throughout; a few tracks really rock, while others throw in a catatonic state. But you’re never left indifferent, not an easy result to achieve, for anyone. After a couple of hiccuping releases, Dielectric have returned at pretty high standards – now, that’s the great news.


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