DJ OLIVE – Sleep


“This is a sleeping pill. Please listen to it quietly”. You’d better follow the advice of Gregor Asch, aka DJ Olive, if you want to enjoy a very nice album of oneiric ambient music which – in its total absence of surprising elements – is just perfect for its noble goal, namely adapting sounds to the different courses of our sleep. Well behaved cycles of underwater mournings and slowly pulsing textures elicit an absolutely positive calmness, their momentum never exceeding the limits of a controlled transcendence. Barely visible melodic lights flicker in the darkness of the mind, like distant memories of songs and forgotten lullabies whose disembodied contours come back to visit us during our most heartwarming dreams. The shape of these involuntary recollections is gently polished by our very breathing, which becomes regular as a summer night’s sea wave going forwards and backwards on the shore. Fans of Brian Eno, you’re gonna love this one.


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