There’s wallpaper music and “major league” stuff; “No respect” belongs without the slightest doubt to the latter cathegory. This is a recording that should cut a lot of so-called “giants” down to size; right here you’ll find a kind of adventurous playing never falling short of the highest level of creativity. Even if channeled through “regular” tunes (or so it could appear) Mark Whitecage’s controlled rage is well evident throughout the record, only to be contrasted by his serene, if extremely angular phrasing during explorations of standards such as “Round midnight”, which closes this set. The rhythm section formed by Duval and Rosen is one of the best I’ve listened to in years: Dominic’s bass is a great protagonist of several of the best moments of this CD, through an absolutely appreciable sober virtuosity; on his side, Jay’s drumming will teach a thing or two to many players, thanks to its spacey architecture and continuously changing dynamics. Perish the thought this is “easy” jazz: it ain’t. (Note: this Extremely Limited Edition CD is available through selected distributors such as Jazz Loft, Bop Shop, DMG in the U.S; Improjazz in France. Please contact Acoustics following the above link to get more info).


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