There are various instances in jazz where opulence prevails, saturating us with meaningless optimism and submissive corporate immovability. Duval and McPhee are far away from all this: their heartfelt exchange of sapiently paced, thoughtful melodies sounds like there’s still hope for all of us to carve a personal niche in life, just to gain a few minutes to think hard. McPhee’s soprano has a rubicund tone that only decades of total commitment to playing can develop; nevertheless, he’s able to fire a few serious body shots when necessary. Duval’s mastery is reinforced by his capacity of transforming convolutions and spirals into cool-headed, soul stirring exaltations of acoustic spaces while gracing his fretless board with aleatory fingerings and quarter-tone momentariness. Once again, “The art of the duet” is shown in all its spread, a good antidote against ear pollution.