A duo who will irradiate your listening space, Duval and Whitecage talk a highly personal lingo on bass, clarinet and sax, totally free from jazz cliches and absolutely liberated from nicotinic formulas. Like two nightbirds entertaining a conversation, the artists are fully conscious of the ongoing process yet they’re gifted with a fantastic sense of improvisation on the melody, creating a cohesive pellicle which empties the music of all the useless air bubbles, going straight to the deepest core of interplay and seaming their lookalike souls into an indivisible unity. Under the guise of simple forms always lies a bag of multiple concepts that only ask to be carried to perfection. The two are certainly up to the task, as each of the tracks contained in “Rules of engagement” is part of a whole that translates into an excellent record in both musicians’ career and this label’s consistent output.