(Detroit Improvisation)

A 20-minute 3-inch CD containing twelve improvisations recorded “via correspondence” in 2004 by Diaz-Infante on guitar and Khoury on violin. It’s rather beautiful, at times hauntingly mantric music, strokes of absent-minded creativity manifesting under the economic electroacousticity of six strings sparkling in slimy waters and the plucking-and-lamenting style of a fiddle that doesn’t want to know to be strangled by academic rules (despite Khoury being an academically trained artist). The prominent quality of these short tracks is their imperturbable tranquillity, which no reverberating dissonance or un-submissive melodic line can alter. We’re put in condition of enjoying small yet juicy fruits of brilliant playing that the musicians are not afraid to subject to the laws of studio perturbation, if only to see what happens when technique, its destructive alter ego and daydreaming sit at the same table.


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