(Pax Recordings)

In the very welcome tradition of today’s West Coast improvisating population, “Reverberations from spring past” fuses four of the best local talents to produce a rather calm, bittersweet album which mostly revolves around Diaz-Infante loosely strummed detuned guitar generating a flux of dissonant transcendence polluted by Montoya and Fernandes’ sonic debris, electronic and percussion utilized as complementary incidental background “presence” rather than self-indulgent protagonism. Amidst this relaxed (but not too much) mess, Rent Romus lends his saxophone according to his deserved reputation, his (mostly) gentle phrasing underlining a potential, yet still non-existent rebellion while transmuting the predominant tides into deformed film-noirish soundtracks, with rain pouring down on the trash amassed in dark alleys. The record ends with a live segment from a 2004 concert at the Spring Reverb, in which the quartet accelerates their pulse quite a bit to end matters with a flux of energetic discharges.