FRANS DE WAARD – Vijf Profielen


This 32-minute work was made in the occasion of an exhibition held in the Dutch city of Vlissingen. De Waard recorded all the sources on location at the Zware Plaat Werkerij, a building that – according to the liners – is now in disuse; everything was later worked into an acousmatic opus by the composer, with good results. The applied strategy is one of exploration of ample spaces, but from the point of view of a single observer. The feel is similar to wandering around several production lines of a desolated, deserted factory. At first, more concrete cycles and noisy propositions influence the listeners, who perceive the whole as sheer field recording. By listening carefully, we become aware of the presence of a compositional scheme that attributes a heavier significance to the repetitive structures upon which the soundscape is based. The final minutes engulf everything in an oppressive if highly evocative hum, almost to represent the closure of a part of the building’s life; creaking doors and assorted clangours that were heard at the beginning are all but disappeared, while we assist to the gradual extinction of sound. A very well conceived and sturdily built piece, not necessarily innovative but which sustains the weight of reiterated tries.


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