By now universally recognized for their work at the margin of description and significance, Duncan and Von Hausswolff once again fused their backgrounds and artistic conceptions for this album, quite difficult to penetrate and enriched by a substantial booklet where the protagonists exchange explanations, opinions and stories related to their respective actions and careers. The three tracks, about 63 minutes of sounds and words, are question marks that remain planted in our mind even after several consecutive listens. “…Like a lizard”, preceded by over ten minutes of scarcely captivating repetitive signals soon establishing their ill-tempered racket, is a 2004 novel narrated via whispered voice. I usually tend not to focus on the reading in cases like this, preferring instead to receive the piece as a text-sound composition (which works much better for me, and yes, this time too). Both “Entry (enhanced)” and “Yet another (very) abridged and linear interpretation of the history of our planet as we know it” are scientifically charged experiences in that zone where the brain is certain of hearing a transmitted message moments before this effectively happens. Mixing shortwaves and electronics, Duncan and Von Hausswolff build intense crescendos from nothingness to a very noisy zenith and back to utter silence again, depriving us of space-time coordinates for long minutes after the record’s over. Your tenacity will transform this sickly fascinating CD from disturbing to significant.


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