When you listen to a form of music crossing a giant disruptive discharge and an oppressive mantra of modifying stases, there’s a good chance of John Duncan’s involvement. Continuing his work on vocal treatment and shortwave – see his releases with Elliott Sharp and Asmus Tietchens for reference – this time Duncan pairs his effort with E.G. Lewis’ voice and field recordings. “Fall” finds the couple in a febrile state during a morass of cosmic radiowave boost joined by sepulchral stabilizating choirs from urban ruins. In “Cycle”, a long-sighted image of dark incandescence shakes ears to the point of hopelessness, while you’re looking for a solution to all this perception derangement. “Purpose stimulated” and “Step” present Lewis reciting his lyrics, mangled by Duncan’s processing or whispered in a large hall setting. This is high-gauge sound art, where lapidary glances and forsaken imaginary landscapes macerate the remnants of our illusions. Yet, right then, our purification from recycled intelligence begins: cheap ideals and borrowed philosophies don’t belong here.


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