Applying their personal logic codes to a vast range of timbral permutations, the team of Duncan, Vainio and Vaisanen transforms shortwaves and oscillators in a detailed musculature of anxious murmurs, primal electronics, chiaroscuro subsonics whose placental liquids are sprayed around according to a scheme where the decontextualization of the electroacoustic event is fundamental. Everything originates from impulses which are developed and gradually disfigured in a series of frictional refractions whose origin can’t be seen, not even from a million observation angles; common glitches and crackles are put under the magnifying lens of our emotional principles, thanks to a gorgeous processing which changes the listening perspective right in the moment of a hard-earned semi-comprehension of the initial nucleus of vibrational matter. When the brain has finally reached the saturation point, the lingering silhouettes of incubated misunderstanding suddenly dissolve: all becomes an intuition per se, rationalizations remaining out of the equation.


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