Zeitkratzer are an excellent group specialyzing in modern-day composers (Phill Niblock to Elliott Sharp, Lou Reed to Jim O’Rourke) in which one finds some of the best musicians today – Uli Krieger and Reinhold Friedl among others. Given my ancient passion for John Duncan’s sound, I was very happy about this work; it’s not easy translating the highly concentrated bursts of energy and the extremely variable dynamics of his creations but the ensemble (conducted by John himself) succeeded and delivered “NAV-FLEX” and “Trinity” like they were not only reworked, but brand new compositions as well. The former transforms its original character, from an electronic flow to an ebullient, subterranean, organic magma. The latter resembles more the “real” Duncan: crescendos, low-to-high frequencies, changing pitches, quasi-silences. For sure this is an important document of the meeting between two intelligent – if completely different – entities and it couldn’t possibly turn better.


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