(Clean Feed)

“Unveil” confirms and strengthens the perception of Mark Dresser as an uncontaminated paver of magnificent roads leading to the metamorphosis of an instrument – his double bass – into a riveting prodigy of celestial harmonics, hard-hitting non-observance of the rules, unannounced deviations from conventional codes and – above all – in what is probably the most unpredictable apparatus for corporeal resonance: try listening to the fourth track “Undula”, then tell me you didn’t experience a sort of inner transfiguration. Through his uncessant research in the physics of wood and pickup detection, using arco and fingers in his own splendid neologizing indeterminism, this artist elicits a priceless upheaval in the crusty surface of solo playing, tackling the unknown with the same courage of a renowned combatant. My unconditioned admiration for musicians of such a calibre is great, since we owe people like Mark our hope of making progress in sound perception.


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