I can only remember another record made with drum machines as a single source, namely the pretty uninteresting “Quorum” by Mikel Rouse; but “Bwoo” is different, both in the compositional methods (see the CD booklet to understand how Davignon develops his sound) and in the final outcome, which in this particular case is certainly excellent. Using arrhythmia as the basis of his work, Matt creates biotic sounds that keep being entangled in hampered mirages where juxtapositions of greyish perspectives become spouse to fragments of noise and underskin boiling. Waiving any hope of commonly intended harmony, the receiver is surrounded by all sorts of microactivity, spreading around like worms on a corpse in the sun and transforming pretty solid sketches in an utter mush that must be gulped while clinching your fists. Intelligent, innovative and quite disorientating.


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