Doneda is one of the most creative saxophonists on the scene and there is nothing on this album contrasting this view. Recorded at La Chapelle de Las Planques in the French town of Tanus, these improvisations exploit the site’s natural reverberation at the maximum level, showing us complicated circuits and transparent soliloquies whose inspiration seems to come from the air, intended as the only means of transmission of sound, itself a carrier of all the necessary life particles. Michel plays like lost in a healthy wind, his soprano mutating its voice in a chirping bird one moment, contracting in uncompromising apoplexy in other instances. Yet, the overall feeling is one of composure, almost like if the sacred surrounding constituted a fundamental parameter for these sounds to librate in the breeze and light the narrow corridors leading to the abandon of an instrumental body which – in this artist’s mind – is nothing more than a conceptual abstraction.