(Creative Sources)

Davidson belongs to the small phalanx of explorers of the acoustic guitar’s resonant power. Except for a more improvisational track, “Grain” is for its large part made of scarce mobility – but one that’s full of rust and corrosiveness, even if the effect of these sounds often causes Alvin Lucieresque bendings of the auricular membrane. Fermented harmonics are born from a continuous oscillations of the strings, which the guitarist obtains most probably through an eBow or other mechanical devices. Some of the rugged vibrations elicited by Davidson have a refreshingly intoxicating quality that gains an immediate grip on the skull, as if a progressively stronger clutch established a dominance by canceling any extraneous observation in order to introduce a pleasurable pain within the surrounding mass of hypnotic recurrences. We can also perceive the genuineness of the wood, which throbs sympathetically with the rest, contributing to the whole sonority with disguised shades that will be mostly appreciated by those who are more familiar with cuddling the same instrument (the pulse coming out of an acoustic guitar pressed against the chest is indeed akin to an erotic experience). In its spartan constitution, “Grain” offers several intense moments in about 41 minutes of seriously focused experimentation.


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