(Creative Sources)

The lineup features two trombones (Oliver Demand and Von Woellwarth), two drum sets (Kleinemas and Winger) and “e-guitar & e-table-guitar” (Sascha Demand). Incombustible materials lay on a pavement, waiting for the musicians to scatter them around. Each one has its own smell and density, all of them are handled with no care for a “structure”. Instruments that seem gathered in foisonless small groups penetrate a silent churchyard made of inchoate dialogues and perplexing rendezvous. A few insufflations by the trombones are enough for the drums to start an almost imperceptible infighting. Sascha Demand is the only one who can maintain his possessions for a longer time, thanks to his eBow infiltrations.The musical cells aggregate and instantly decompose, in an irregular series of short flashes; it rarely happens that a “group” materializes, but it’s soon cut short by a sort of productive incoherence. A sense of tranquillity permeates everything, also in the most explorative sections; human presence is felt every once in a while – someone whistles, claps hands or grunts – but the instruments are the discreet protagonists of a silent, tremulant conversation that highlights the uselessness of a lexicon.