Being a minority leader is not bad sometimes; Paul Dunmall’s different projects and lineups receive a welcome addition with the Moksha Big Band, a real who’s who of British jazz soloists captured here in an essential stance. The sapient melange among the sections is this music’s best feature: meditative moments, often similar to the beginning of an Indian raga, are followed by the musicians apparently milling around, waiting for the inner suggestion to start their soulful engines. When the parts get summed, what sounded like a pensive stasis becomes a catharsis of gung-ho improvising, the significance of which sticks out like a sore thumb if compared to the mainstream quicksand we all risk drowning into if we accept the establishment’s suggestions. The instinct and the fury showed by Dunmall and his companions during the blowouts is such an energetic shock, I’m not sure everyone will be able to sustain it. Surely this energy won’t go to waste, instead it will point the lights up to the sky, to a heaven where many heads will nod approvingly.


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