Well developed musical personalities build no hedges, tending instead to reciprocal knowledge like animals do when sniffing each other. “In your shell like” conjugates the almost confounding bravura – of course minus any ostentation – of Paul Dunmall’s elegant whiplashing with Paul Lytton’s prosperous world of fractal-based squalls and deforested regularities; the third of this perfect pair, Stevie Wishart, appears in three of the five tracks playing a masterfully evocative hurdy-gurdy. Various permutations of sonic ideologies come to confrontation, with the players showing large doses of respect and a rude will to establish some sort of personal opinion; yet, the brilliance of the performances shows that only highly skilled musicians can subvert apparence, neutralizing any creeping difference to investigate new ways of sounding “global” in the strictest sense. Even if the whole CD is full of delicious interchanges of acoustic riddlings, the bagpipes coupled with the hurdy-gurdy’s drone is something enough to leave you contemplating – and with the addition of Lytton’s soft rumbles (check “The ears have it”) all takes you right to an educated ecstasy.