(Creative Sources)

Eighteen epigrammatic sketches by a pair of German improvisers gifted with quite interesting curricula, accurately reported in the CD leaflet. Demand is a guitarist who exalts the inspiring side of string resonance, the sound of his prepared machine at times analogous to the reverberation of Asian gongs, elsewhere focusing on the hardly edible core of the matter with shrieking secretions whose acridness is on a par with the effluences of an infecting industrial unit. Wienert plays a number of instruments, at this juncture including soprano sax, trumpet, trumpsax, sheng and tubes. The option of keeping things short and sweet, so to speak, is a winning choice: one catches glimpses of abnormal attractiveness underlying metallic energies, rhythmic out-of-shape-ness, emotionless pulses and weirdly resonating parabolas of didjeridoo-like insufflations, yet we can’t actually get used to anything as the pieces end almost instantly, all too quickly in a coitus interruptus of sorts. A cross between the sonic snapshots of two researchers at work in their laboratory and the commentary for a modern theatre act, “Sirenen & Bluten” is positively a good outing – and the evidence that half a hour is an adequate amount of time when ideas abound. When the disc’s over we would love to go on and find out if there’s more in the artists’ vault.


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