(Creative Sources)

While the CD cover is adorned with intriguing drawings by the artist, halfway through hieroglyphical writing and complex mathematical formulas, the musical matter of “Plakation” is a series of short improvised studies on the resonance of electric guitar, which Demand plucks and strikes with hands or sticks to raise minuscule tempests of harmonics, humming grumbles, pretty elegant buzzes and distortions. Each idea is tackled by repeating it two/three times, usually amidst a complete silence rarely enhanced by the cable and/or pickup hiss. This boney minimalism spans through many fields of similarity – Oren Ambarchi, Fred Frith, Arek Gulbenkoglu are three names that came to my mind; also, Robert Hampson’s ghost is evoked in the most spellbinding moments – yet the electric ripples and volume swells generated by Sascha’s instrument tell a few stories of solitary experimentation whose incubative intensity does not require shouting or making noise to be conveniently adapted to our rational needs.


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