TERRY DAY – Interruptions


A multi-instrumentalist wizard if ever one existed, Terry Day was one of the founders of People Band (check out their CD on this same label). These recordings, captured on tape between 1978 and 1981, reveal him as a spirited improviser able to get the maximum from every source, a true force of nature whose unprecedented fantasy pushed him well beyond the walls of “musical logic”, up to those altitudes where sounds exist only to be seized and re-transmitted by artists that are more “aerials” than “players”. Thanks to multitrack recording, Day created duos, trios and group settings playing against himself, sometimes in a total frenzy (“Drums/Altos/Balloons” and the exhilarating “Toy ensemble”), often in thoughtful pseudo-exotic wonders (“Oriental theme”, “Theme continued”). His solo flights on saxophones are astonishing, the mandolin and the piano pieces sound like Eugene Chadbourne with Tourette. There are also three funny “punk” songs where Peter Cusack and Davey Payne conspire on guitar, drum machine and sax with Terry singing, while “Crackle box & Altos” is a deranged ritual whose soul wets the nose of La Monte Young. I can’t stress enough the naive, enthusiastic purity and the absolute freedom from clichés of this great, great music. Grab a copy of “Interruptions” – one of the all-time best by Emanem in my opinion – and tell your friend who’s saving money to go to Berklee that he’ll never be able to play like this anyway.


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