A journey through the realm of the lower throbs of your body, a noteworthy essay about instrumental frequencies and – on top of everything – a minimalist record in the truest sense. Exploring that extremely impenetrable no-man’s territory where pure sound mixes with the pre-conception of a composer/performer, Dafeldecker and Lang start a process where the attentive listener can get the tiniest particle, that ever so inaudible imagination stretch where the movement of energy from nerves to a key or a string is captured; in a word, sound generation and its almost instantaneous fracture and decomposition. Sometimes this music is very near to silence; somewhere else a beating drone superimposition brings a Niblockian reminiscence, just a glimpse. Indeed, what emerges from this work is seriousness; Werner and Klaus listen to the air surrounding their instruments when it starts moving, while forcing us to be more perceptive than before.