(Clean Feed)

Drummer and composer Dickey leads his quintet with technical command and plenty of passion to give; he wrote all the pieces except the opening tune, “Calls” by Carla Bley. The constant drive by Dickey and Chris Lightcap’s bass builds a foundation over which Roy Campbell Jr. (trumpet, pocket trumpet and flugelhorn) and Rob Brown (alto saxophone) throw handfuls of wild calls and small stones to each other, like if they wanted to check the direction of a highly energizing wind; their instrumental prowess is corroborated by a volcanic flux of emergency which leads them to a focused detachment from abstract (and concrete) logic. Joe Morris – who returns to guitar duties after playing bass in the previous “Coalescence” – is silently authoritative, his contrapted arpeggios and inquisitive chordal work a reassuring presence. But the whole quintet is a cohesive force pushing towards the rewarding pleasures of emancipation.