“Inner place” being in this case Alfredo Costa Monteiro’s domestic environment, from which all the furnishings of this splendid record were captured without any kind of additional electronic treatment of processing, “except for the dynamics”. How many times people wonder what was that low hum heard at late night after suddenly waking up? Did we forget the sense of protection caused by mum’s appliances at work while, under the sheets, we desperately tried to postpone the moment of our definitive rise? What about the hissing pressure of water? A house can indeed contain fairly unsuspected elements of progress, if only one possesses the ability of understanding their inside qualities. Costa Monteiro has recently focused the attention on the interrelations between the sounds of regular objects (his efforts with paper are astonishing to say the least) and the listener’s psychology. The results achieved here situate this music, once again, in proximity of Francisco López and John Duncan’s strategies of redesigning the mental approach to a sonic setting. We’re shown a series of mutating scenarios where the original sources may lose their unique character – which is already mindboggling, given the absence of manipulation – but never fail to instigate an interesting reaction, the capacity of adaptation constantly challenged by repeated dynamic shifts that make the whole approximate a purring massage of the cranium, all the more efficient when mixed with our own surroundings, mumbling distances and tones ranging from “uneasy mutter” to “imposing whirr” shaping up the contours of a not-so-secure extremism. Home is where the heart is, and somehow I feel like having been here forever.


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