(Creative Sources)

Just an accordion. Should I believe this after listening to “Rumeur”? Here’s the first track, sounding like a microphone stuck in a room full of industrial mosquitos biting you to death before you realize there’s no insect powder around. After this, a cross between a triturated Steve Reich and an old coughing engine takes control, making feel you pretty uneasy; beautiful indeed and very hypnotic. The third segment is similar to a perforated lung trying to imitate the noise of cars passing at night on a freeway, listened with covered and uncovered ears with cupped hands – this goes on until a crackling, bottom-end “trouble” arrives and transforms everything into the broken roar of a perplexed lion drowning in a lake. New track, more dissonance…and I could swear that I heard contrasting shards of rubbing arcos upon strings disintegrated by a corrosive process; high-volume/headphones habituees, beware your hearing. The last seven minutes fuse someone ice-skating on a frying pan while discarding and chewing a chocolate snack. All of the above is great one-instrument concrete music that will cause Richard Galliano undergoing therapy against nightmares. It’s only an accordion, but I like it!


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