(Faraway Press)

Consider yourselves extremely lucky if you manage to perceive a fraction of the displacing emotional states which “Senshu” is capable of eliciting. Coming in a finely crafted limited first edition of 100 copies (a “regular” reissue is upcoming) this jewel by Chalk and the Suzukis is a reserved prayer of soul-melting invisible force, whose scarcity of instrumental sources – mostly acoustic and electric strings with environmental sounds – is the key to a seldom heard world of resonance whose vagueness is the most important aspect in the subsequent self-conscious responsiveness, insufflated into our being by these pale pastel drawings. Carving holes in our confidence in order to cause the leakage of our egoism, this music relegates the numbness of rational thought down to the very end of the value scale, finally rewarding those who defy arid immutability by believing that even the most incombustible essence can burn of frail tenderness, in a total symmetry with Sound.


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