(Public Eyesore)

Being the sleeve devoid of any useful info, I trawled the web to discover that the companions of Anla Courtis in this exhibition have to do with important Japanese realities such as Boredoms (of which, believe it or not, this aging non-critic never heard a thing) and that the musicians acted in different duo and trio combinations. Not that it makes any difference as the record is engaging enough the whole time that it lasts – a full hour. The most visible constituents are fairly anarchic guitar sounds, mainly distorted or just saturated, decomposed and triturated, asking for our auricular membranes to be sacrificed in their name. But the result is more effective when unbelievably strange processed vocals join in: the amalgamation of pitch-transposed wailing and wall-of-fuzz growls that at times light up the room are unusually energizing, and downright funny in an appreciable lo-fi dressing. The successions of actions, although inconstant, possess an inner logic distancing them from sheer noodling (which, alas, is often the menu du jour with many Japanese improvisers who seem to privilege raw instinct to functional concepts – not always an acceptable artistic choice). Overall, this CD offers exactly what expected, at least from this side. Good, if unexceptional.


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