ANTOINE CHESSEX – Lost In Destruction


In style with the short, sharp, shocking character of many and one releases by this Greek imprint, this is a 30-minute CDR containing five tracks where Chessex utilized “a tenor saxophone through guitar amplifiers and some shitty pedal effects” to perform reiterated acts of hair-ripping devastation; a couple of them were recorded live, other ones in the studio or at home. Are we sure that only a sax was used? I’m only asking, since I distinctly seem to hear screaming voices amidst the carnage, like if Chessex underwent an exorcism while delivering us from the residual memories of what once was called “music”. This has mainly to do with the violent stuff which, by the way, somehow recalls (yes) a mass of distorted electric guitars (picture a Borbetomagus vs Fear Falls Burning hybrid). There’s more: the third segment (all are titled with just the duration time) is an example of growing static tension that never explodes, corroborated by a jumble of frequencies that range from low to lower. Indeed the cheap overtone exploitation and the humming nervousness at the basis of the less noisy moments are the record’s best, but the whole thing is really nice, another chapter in the “how to destroy your good relationship with the neighbourhood” book. As Roger Waters would have it, “Careful with that sax, Antoine”.


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