(The Locus Of)

A 3-inch containing a 16-minute piece by Phil Julian aka Cheapmachines, composed on organ and electronics. Those who know me are well aware of the fact that I detest the excess of democracy (read “releases”) in static music, dark ambient and minimal electronica, but “Transit” is a remarkable realization indeed, a perfect example of “minimum of means, maximum result” that I’m pleasingly surprised to find in these territories. A gently sober undulation, generated by the adjacent waves and shifting harmonics of the sources, keeps us snug and warm for the whole duration of the track. It morphs just a tad in terms of reverberating hues, and resonates luxuriously throughout. Instantly we feel at home in Cheapmachines’ entrancing world, needing only a few minutes to decide that the “repeat” function is required, here more than anywhere else (at least as far as the last weeks’ discs that lie on the table are concerned). It could even work for those who still believe that they’re “meditating”. I must confess that I’d have appreciated a full-length CD of this particular drone, such is the extent of my liking. Highly recommended.