(Testing Ground)

Cineplexx is Sebàstian Litmanovich from Buenos Aires, now based in Barcelona. His biography reports that, aged only 8, he put his hands on a cheap Casio keyboard and that was all he needed to start loving the fat, dirty, often horrible timbres springing out of the thing. Fact is, he still uses them in his music, which in this case was recorded on a laptop but maintains anyway a totally lo-fi aroma, often deliriously delightful. With just a modicum of help on guitars by Sebàstian Kramer and Martin Litmanovich, Cineplexx created a brilliant chain of stupid-but-effective themes, gaseous ambiences and trembling memories which are all the more welcome here, reminding yours truly of certain adolescential experiments on a well-beaten Fostex 4-track cassette machine. Synthetic quivering, fake theremins and ugly drum patterns are all part of a whole that smells like the rubber toys in the kids’ room. Entrancing in a peculiar way, “Restar” is a surprising and atypical listen, even on these shores.


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