CIRCLE – Tower Featuring Verde

(Last Visible Dog)

OK, I’ll admit it; although Circle’s music is described as something that should be relatively well known, I never heard a note from them until this very CD, which was recorded with (and mixed by) Mika Rintala, aka Verde. In case no one noticed, we’re talking Finland here. The music is strangely alluring in its simple formula, which seams loops, grooves and spirals of electric piano upon more loops, grooves and spirals of percussion and drums, the whole putting me in a mental haze – very near to sleep – in a matter of minutes. And this is meant as a compliment: this stuff is effectively bewitching, almost lo-fi in a silent way (pun intended, even if I tend to agree more with the Soft Machine comparison pointed out in the press release) and minimalist in a positive sense, its mesmerizing, hypnotic patterns shifting and intersecting all over the place in a meltdown of preoccupation and tension. There’s nothing much to add; “Tower” is a refreshing listen, it doesn’t break any rule but then again who wants to constantly live in search of rules to break? Mike Ratledge and Karl Jenkins nod their approval. Maybe.


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