CIVIL WAR – The Brutality Of Fact


…or “The beauty of contrasting harmonics”, which could very well be an alternative title for this authoritative statement by Amy Cimini (viola) Adam Sonderberg (percussion) and Katherine Young (bassoon), who record their improvisations in an abandoned grain silo, fusing the breathing quality of their instrumental ramifications with some faraway extra-urban apparition. Young’s bassoon represents a lead voice of sorts during most of these destructured mantras: undulating notes on the verge of exhaustion explore impressive multiphonics and stomach-gripping glissandos, while Sonderberg embraces a stabilizing tranquillity by putting metals and skins at the service of an engrossing natural resonance. Cimini’s viola, apparently more decentralized, is instead a focal point: it joins these conflictual chants for a while, then departs in search of heretic melodies, then again returns to complete a ruthless ritual, an initiation to the almost hurtful responsibilities that this trio’s unique voice symbolizes as a whole entity.


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