CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS – Climax Golden Twins

(Testing Ground)

A bucolic acoustic guitar arpeggio is polluted by tapes in contrary motion and strange consonant electronic sounds; after a while, barely audible frequencies appear in an almost mute setting, soon engulfed by very distant external sounds coming from my open window. I look at this 3-inch CD cover, finding no mention of anything or anyone, except for the artwork’s creator. I decide to shut the window (too bad, there were birdies mixing well with the “music”) and all I hear is a low hum and – every now and then – a shifting high frequency pitch manifesting itself, then disappearing almost instantly. Raising the volume, the underground murmur becomes more evident, gaining strength after about 9 minutes of the piece, then leaving me alone with a gentle toll of metallic “bells” immediately replaced by acid distortion and crafty low-budget acousmatics which transform everything in a hellish mess…for about 30 seconds. Then, as Bernhard Günter would have it, silence. Excellent stuff.


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