CLOCKED OUT DUO – Water Pushes Sand

(Clocked Out Productions)

I felt joy as soon as I put this CD on. This is music so innocent, sincere and beautifully pure you’d listen to it for days. Erik Griswold and Vanessa Tomlinson are an Australian couple playing prepared piano and percussion of any kind; their influences are too many to be listed here but also so distinctively fused in an artistic breath that you just have to listen to fully comprehend. Most of everything, even in Erik’s piano playing, I detect a gestural architecture comparable with Asian theatre/dance manifestations, plus a good dose of sense of humor (particularly evident in the use of rubbing balloons by Vanessa: she’s a master of this technique, getting everything from motors to string sounds from them). There are Chinese rhythms, folk tunes, lots of contemporary shades in “Water pushes sand”: generally speaking, you have two excellent musicians who seem to share their love for life and for themselves, both as human beings and adventurous workmates.


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