CODE INCONNU – Spoil, Microbe


Rarely you meet drum’n’bass-influenced music that’s also very rich in dissonant intensity, therefore generating peculiar overtones all around the place; this is exactly what happens in this album, which I like much more – you guess it – when listened from the speakers. Code Inconnu’s line up consists of Gottfried Krienzer (guitar, sampling) Christoph Uhlmann (synth, sampling) Markus Sworcik (drums, sampling) and Andreas Klöckl (bass); the quartet raises a mass of deranged resonances and unexpected colours, thanks to very individual voices that, while interacting in the overall context, are each one the reason for slight deviations from the norm, which results in angular fragments, chiming shifting chords and throbbing organisms of low frequencies that seem to come from the outside, so eccentric is their placement in the mix. Try this CD at medium volume in a silent environment and be rewarded by a product which won’t have you howling for pleasure but whose mechanisms approach perfection.


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