(Form Function)

Here is one of those electroacoustic artifacts that I love calling “sleepers”. First try: hmm, interesting but maybe who cares. Second: nice stuff, the boys know what they’re doing. Third: adequate enough for a review. Therefore, here’s to you Christian Pincock (laptop, valve trombone), John O’Brien (percussion) and Evan Mazunik (accordion, keyboards, ukelin). Each musician comes from an altogether different background: Pincock is a technology geek who also graduated in jazz and composition, O’Brien is trained both classically and in jazz, too – he studied with Andrew Cyrille and Gerry Hemingway among others – and Mazunik started on piano “to develop hand-eye coordination”, became an adroit pianist then one day took an uncle’s accordion and his preference definitively went to that instrument. An engaging factor in this music, although not uncommon, is the use of MAX/MSP software to expand the timbral possibilities of the trio. The improvisations are quite unobtrusive, mostly made of short sketches and minor movements that get levigated, extended and expanded by this “foreign presence” acting as amalgamator of an otherwise pretty disjointed series of elements: pulmonary drones, percussive bursts, various kind of insufflation, the whole standing halfway through concrete and amorphous. “Life of ghost” is an apt title, in that the overall sonority is more perceived like an aura than as a result of instrumental efforts. Something that’s not memorable, much less definable, yet – strangely enough – working. Every time for the better.


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