CONURE – The Generation Of Our Grandfathers


Behind the Conure pseudonym hides a member of 15 Degrees Below Zero, of which we recently reviewed material in this same place. Mark Wilson is one of the many individuals who made the transition from listener-and-consumer to composer-and-performer but, contrarily to the large part of the useless music that these processes usually generate, this is an enthralling recording – noisy yet highly effective. In 2003, the originator watched a documentary called “Paragraph 175”, which dealt with the Nazi persecution of homosexuals (the title refers to an article of the German Penal Code of 1871). That was all Conure needed to be inspired in the creation of this work, which he composed with “laptop and other assorted lo-fi equipment and sound sources”. Mixing pre-recorded voices and devastating floods of growingly massive distortion in a semi-static sonic complex, Wilson fathered an impressive soundscape where the emotional element is always at the forefront, a cross of threat and bliss that results as dramatic as the roar preceding an earthquake. Under a semblance of mayhem, several strokes of sapient assemblage of decomposed colours lie. An album deserving reiterated listens, revealing new secrets with each try.


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