CREMASTER – 32,41 n/m2


Don’t you ever think about leaving Ferran Fages and Alfredo Costa Monteiro alone at your home when you’re away! This “nice guys duo” of sonic terrorists are the equivalent of those hyperactive children capable of destroying an apartment in ten minutes. Presented in a hard sandpaper sheet, this CD sounds a little bit like that – words springing to mind are “strident rust”, “scratching needles”, “broken nails on a malfunctioning electric circuit”, “ear-stinging”. The guys work calmly through their aural nightmares finding out that perfect spot of tranquillity that somehow must be filled with screaming white noise and tweeter-crunching distortion. This music leaves a mark, even in those almost silent moments where you’re not at ease anyway because you KNOW something’s lurking around the corner; remaining unaffected is next to impossible. Cremaster are fossil extractors working with compressed air to pulverize and bottle old avantgarde skeletons. Me? I’m always receptive to their spectrum – with neighbours like these, who needs nuclear power?


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