In a music world full of terms and definitions that must be somehow used, even if they mean virtually nothing – like “ambient”, “electroacoustics”, “post-industrial”, “neo-minimalism” and so on, how do you explain to the average listener what Cremaster do with a simple mixer with pick ups and some “object” on electric guitar? I’ll try, at least with this “Infra”, to say that – first of all – this is maybe Ferran and Alfredo’s best record until 2003. Then I’ll proceed to describe what I perceived as crunching white noise, percussive tapping on the pick ups, frequencies so high they could call a thousand bats right here outside my front door, feedback you could not absolutely control…unless you’re named Ferran Fages, contorting sounds over guitar strings seemingly treated with some kind of lethal acid. At the end of the record, I’ve decided I created another useful but useless cathegory: Cremaster are the current leaders in the “Audiometrics” field… and otorhinolaryngologists be damned (keep your headphones’ volume not SO high, though – and I’m not kidding now).


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