(Creative Sources)

One of those items that I find difficult to detail, as it touches so many facets of improvisation while not actually carving something definitive out of the wood of truly personal expression. But, at the same time, a very well played and recorded disc (the latter courtesy of Christoph Amann, in my opinion the “studio master” as far as capturing this genre’s nuances is concerned). Hailing from Austria, CTRL consist of Gloria Damijan (piano), Bernd Klug (double bass), Meike Melinz (flute), Bernhard Schoeberl (guitar) and Gabi Teufner (flute). The flutes are pretty venomous, excellent technique bathed in stinging modernism (not abundant in clichés for our good luck). Echoes of early Frith in Schoeberl’s style, metal scraping and string bouncing at the basis of most everything he plays on the instrument, be it acoustic or electric. The low-frequency office’s keys are handed to Damijian and Klug, whose expertise applied to the bass regions allows the music to shift towards droning territories quite often. In general, this work breaths and moves without giving particular signs of malaise, despite a not excessive quantity of innovation on the horizon. The short duration of both the single tracks and the whole CD is an intelligent choice: as soon as we’re ready to shout “OK, I’ve received the message”, a new plot is unveiled. Interesting group, on average with the huge roster of the Portuguese label; I’d like to hear them again in future occasions.