CYMBL – String & Drone Sketches & Phases


Richard Baker’s music, released under the Cymbl pseudonym, is very intense and beautiful even if built upon pretty simple elements. The main goal of Baker is creating undulating superimposing droning soundscapes, mostly via pre-existing material, be it a string chord, a low frequency vibration, an harmonic slow change. This lets you drown in a blissing state, waiting for a change that never comes – and in the end you’re happy it doesn’t. You can use Cymbl’s music both as active listening, in headphones or sitting in front of monitors, or as ambient music at low volume: the result is excellent in both settings. Several parts of this material evoked memories of the most repetitive Zoviet France fragments and also certain aspects of Christoph Heemann’s solo albums; lovers of those areas of sound exploration will surely appreciate Baker’s panoramas.


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