(Creative Sources)

“Phonèmes” is an album in which double bass is more the means for an anguishing self-analysis than a regular instrument. David Chiesa does not hide his intentions, confronting us with a meagre aesthetic of gestural subtlety, eliciting concentrated bursts of energy from the bass while leaving silence to oversee the whole performance. Although devoid of any kind of known pattern, Chiesa’s style is a counterattack against that genetic manipulation which – slowly but inevitably – is transforming what we used to call “reductionism” to a cliché, still palatable but somehow predictable. Without the need of extraterrestrial techniques or excess of revolutionary application, the two tracks of this CD use a whole lot of dynamic (in)discipline and textural dissonance, privileging pictorial representations of touching depth and accomplished manipulations of acoustic attributes – both strong assets in this artist’s engaging work.


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